“90 Day Blitz to Financial Freedom”

The “90 Day Blitz to Financial Freedom”


The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge in doing the “90 Day Blitz to Financial Freedom” is rejection.  As a Business Builder, you are face with how to build your business.  With any business you have expenses, such as; website hosting, auto shape, auto expense, lead generation, sales tools, marketing.  There are many expenses in building your business but you have options when you get started.

So, building a business the cheapest way is warm market, but that market dries up quickly. What do you do, you have to generate leads to speak with or use the internet.  We do have internet expenses, but it does take time to build  it.  So we have things like the “90 Day Blitz to Financial Freedom” to help make income so you can put that income into your marketing in the internet.

The “90 Day Blitz to Financial Freedom” is ran in 3 phases:  You are Dailing & Smiling for 90 Days straight.  Taking 1 or 2 day break.  The rules of the 90 Day Blitz is you must be focus in the time you are working your Blitz.  For ex.  You are not doing emails, answering emails, organizing your desk, scanning the internet.  

You are focus; dialing and smiling for 1 to 3 hours.  Taking your breaks, and back to work.  You are listing all of your No’s:  That’s right:  You have to set up a counter of how many people said No to your Opportunity.  For ex.  I have to reach 30 people that said No to me before my day is done.  

This does not include that phone numbers that I leave a voice mail on, this does not include wrong numbers, this does not include  people saying, Maybe, I’ll look at it.  This is people saying, No – Not Interested – Please don’t call again- all the above.

You have to be strong well person to do this.  A 90 Day Blitz is not for the faint of heart.  There is a lot of rejection in this approach:  So, I’m laying out the framework if you decide to do this.  It’s not fun.  However, if you can overcome the rejection and move forward, this can be a rewarding experience of bringing new people into your business.

OK.  So you need a Telephone Script to get going:  Here is one that I use and its being place here for you guys to start working your “90 Day Blitz to Financial Freedom”:

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